Field Research

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Management System

  • Manage Projects
    The platform allows specific projects to be managed individually.
  • Manage Funder information
    Funders will have their own profile and can access the information related to their project remotely.
  • Manage Field Agents & assign to Projects and Beneficiaries
    Each field agent can be assigned to projects and particular people to manage/ interview.
  • Manage beneficiaries
    In keeping with the focus on granular customization the profiles of individual beneficiaries can be managed.
  • Create any number of forms
    The solution can easily accommodate multiple forms and forms can also be customised to suit your unique data gathering requirements.
    There is no extra charge for additional forms
  • Send bulk SMS messages
    The platform can communicate with a target audience using bulk sms facilities.
  • Generate reports
    Allow managers and funders to view information and reports in real time.


Field App

  • Android App - can be installed on any compatible device
  • Updates automatically from the management system
    The architecture of the system allows seamless deployment of changes and updates. This saves substantial time and effort in ensuring that users have access to the latest version of the data and forms.
  • Can be used online or offline
    Ulwazi can be used in areas where there is not good cellphone coverage. Data will be captured off-line and will be synchronized once the user in an area with better cellphone coverage.
  • Assign Field Agents to specific beneficiaries
    This function will help with allocating people to specific forms and reports. The management of the data collection becomes far more granular with this facility.
  • Receive personal or bulk messages
    Ulwazi allows the administration to set-up replies and messages for the end-users and/or recipients of the services provided by the platform.