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Ecommerce is gaining traction in South Africa and is about to explode as necessity forces people into new business models. With the advent of Covid19 many businesses are looking at online solutions for their customer engagement. We have deep experience in business processes and the requirements to have an ecommerce offering. We are a Durban based company that will be able to provide an online store easier than you might think.

We provide our e-commerce solution on a WordPress platform and use Woo-commerce as the backbone for our e-commerce solution. The e-commerce solution has a responsive design so your clients will be able to transact their e-commerce services with a mobile device as well.

If you need to boost your client engagement in these challenging times, why not give us a call?

Two of our e-commerce clients are AEE: shop.aeegroup.co.za and Tevo: www.tevo.co.za. You can see AEE's case study here: AEE Case Study and Tevo's case study here: Tevo Case Study.

We can help with your ecommerce platform. Look below for some of the features and benefits:


  • Real time sales
  • Transact without cash
  • Run promotions and campaigns
  • Service niche markets
  • Scale your sales
  • Improve margins
  • Reach new markets
  • Provide quick comparisons
  • No open time restrictions
  • Increase cash flow



  • Full featured website
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Product upload ability
  • Payment Gateway
  • Shipping Integration
  • Campaign
  • Integration with Pastel and Syspro